DISCLAIMER: You will probably find something on this page offensive. It is not even remotely politically correct, nor will it be. Some of the items are blatantly sexist and some contain adult oriented language and themes. If you think you will be upset then don't read them. Push the 'back' button on your browser or go someplace like Disney. But, if you want a good chuckle, read on.

Adult Humor/Battle of the Sexes
Sexist, Sexual, Rude, Crude and of course, funny

Added February 2000
The Clinton memorial. (picture, 302KB)
The new Euro. (picture, 336KB)
Wave bye-bye. (picture, 51KB)
How to answer her.
Into the woods.
Instructions for the bride
Dating rating.
Men facts.
How to get the geek.
Consumer Reports on women.
A horse is a horse . . .
Ah, the musings of youth.
Daddy, daddy.
Questions and answers.
The rabbit and the bear.
More comparing.
Sex laws worldwide.
Special occasions.
The friendly Texan.
Have transport, will travel.
The Zen list.

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Men vs women.
Neil Armstrong, American hero.
Explain that one.
Personal Ads.
Common questions and answers.
Sex facts.
Stages of life.
Yeah, right.
The magical device.
Love Bases.
It's a Guy Thing.
Boyfriends is to Girlfriends as. . .
Coffee vs Women.
Ex-Girlfriend Bitterness.
Suess, With a Manly Twist.
The Good, the Bad and the Worse.
Murphy's Other Laws.
What NOT to Say.
"But, I Still Want to be Friends . . ."
The World's Religions.
OK, One Sorority Rip.
NOT Politically Correct.
MSDS on Women.
That's What She Really Meant.
The New Priest.
Sisters of Mercy.
Chocolate (This is here to make Tim happy)
Bedroom Golf.
Men vs Women.
Businessman is to Businesswoman.
The Signs.