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Other Humor/Items
Stuff not in the other two

Added February 2000.
Man on the moon.
Crazy, er, dysfunctional people.
The Clinton lunch.
Rules to date daughter.
Etcha-A-Scetch Y2K.
Aptitude test.
Forest service.
ID4 lessons.
IQ redux.
The lipstick test.
The snake model.
Military sayings.
Signs you're grown up.
Prison vs work.
Ah, the grand people of Quebec.
More blondes.
Samuel L. Jackson, Jedi Master.
Sports quotes.
Today's Air Force.
GM cars.
Wish you could say.
Christmas gifts.

Previous files.
Date my daughter!?
Cartoon laws.
Children's books.
Childproofing the house.
That wonderful dog.
Supermodel quotes.
If I were an evil overlord.
LA math test.
Ant and grasshopper.
A final exam.
Next Generation fire.
Forrest service.
Are you a Gen Xer?
The golfing priest.
Words of great people.
Imperial Rhapsody.
Inner child thoughts.
Life is like. . .
Life and Star Trek.
Lucky Charms Psychology.
The truth about managers.
Melrose Place in life.
It's Miller time.
More model quotes.
State mottos.
Noah's modern ark.
Notable Quotes.
Pub talk.
Big list of quotes.
Republicans and Democrats.
You might be a Republican. . .
Facts about men.
Practice what you preach.
Sesame Street news.
Useless facts.
The wrinkled jedi.
Relationships explained.
Child of the Eighties.
The Ultimate Exam.
Soap. (Yes, Soap)
Cookie Recipe.
Everybody loves Newt.
Fun with Finals.
Santa Truths.
Stuff from Seuss.
Pizza anyone?
Hunting Elephants.
Everybody loves Bill Gates, too.
Murphy's Military Laws.
Your Bad Day. . .
Barbie's New Look.
Tonight, On Star Trek.
Interesting Statistics.
More Trek Stuff.
What Temperatures Mean.
The Truth About Cats.
Happy Fun Ball.
Naval Arrogance.
Suess' Lesser Known Books.
Suess on Trek.
Anamaniacs Lyrics.
Are You Pondering?