Frequently Asked Questions

I sent an e-mail to one of your domain users and I got a confusing message back . . .

Check the email address. If it was, you received the message on purpose. The first thing you shoud do is remove this address from any mailing lists that it is on. Now why did you get this message?

The customers of the Autrey.Org domain value their privacy on the Internet. Unfortunately, with the increasing amount of SPAM mail generated on the Internet today, that is often difficult to maintain. Many websites and services require the user to enter an e-mail address in order to complete a registration form or order a product that is not even online. These forms often offer no way to ask that unsolicited e-mail not be sent, forcing the registrant into an "opt-out" approach to e-mail as opposed to the more customer-oriented "opt-in" approach where they can choose what mail to receive. Some companies have also chosen to sell their databases of e-mail addresses for profit without obtaining consent from the user.

In an effort to ensure that their privacy is upheld, Autrey.Org users are given access to an e-mail address that they can use when forced to enter this information with no option given to opt-out of unsolicited e-mail. As you have seen, this e-mail address' primary function is to serve as a request to remove this user's e-mail address from your mailing list.

But why did I get the message?

The thing that probably generated the e-mail you received probably was something like this (most of them are):

1. Somewhere on your site you offer a service or a product that requires that the user fill out a web-based form.
2. Somewhere on that form is a box for an e-mail address.
3. There is no option (such as a checkbox) that allows the user to opt-out of receiving mail from your company.
4. The form cannot be submitted without an e-mail address.

Chances are, if we reviewed your site we would find a situation like the one above. If it is your company's policy that to receive your product a customer must be on your mailing list, then a disclaimer stating this should be clearly visible.

This "opt-in" approach sound like the one I want my company to have, where can I get more information?

More information on the concept behind opt-in e-mail to support commercial advertising can be found at

Can you tell your customer that they have been removed from the list/their subscription has been cancelled/their order is coming/etc.?

The nature of the account really leaves no way to do this. Access to the spammail account is made available to all our domain users and not on an individual basis. One of the main reasons that we provide this account to our users is so they can enter a legitimate e-mail address that gives a reply back to the company asking to be removed from their mailing list instead of just making up some non-existent address. This provides an opt-out option to our customers and immediate feedback to companies such as yours.

Can you call me and talk about this?

We regret that as a not-for-profit organization with no significant operating budget, long distance phone conversations are not possible. We would, however, be happy to answer any questions that you may have via e-mail.

The message said that I may be liable for fees. What's up with that?

The acceptable use policy goes into details on this, but the gist is that this gives us the right to charge a fee for uncolicited e-mail received. As a not-for-profit entity, we simply can't afford the costs associated with the unsolicited SPAM mail sent to the Autrey.Org domain. This clause gives us the right to collect from spammers for the time taken to deal with their junk. Rest assured that if you are a legitimate company not spamming the domain, this won't be an issue for you. Simply remove the address from your database to make sure additional unwanted e-mails are not sent.