The following is more of a list of favorites than anything else, but they don't make the list without good reason. My two cents will will follow the title and you will be able to follow a link to Barnes & Noble for a detailed description and to buy it if you want.

Starship Troopers.
Yes, I know you've seen the movie, but that doesn't mean you know the actual story. The movie was a decent action flick, but the book is tremendously better. About the only thing the movie didn't change was some of the characters names. Read the book. Robert Heinlein tells a great story.

The Scorecard.
For anyone who has ever been in a relationship or is planning to be in one. Designed to help the average guy contend with the thing called love without living his life in the doghouse.

Spite, Malice and Revenge.
OK. I was having a bad couple of weeks when I bought this book. It did actually help to cheer me up though. It was probably my dark sense of humor. Anyway, I wouldn't actually recommend doing any of the things in this book, but it does make for a good read.

The Last Ship.
A post World War III novel set about a US Navy destroyer. Kind of a dark view for humanity, but still worth a look.

The Killer Angels.
This is the book that the movie Gettysburg was based on. A work of historical fiction that helps tell why the Confederacy lost the battle though detailed perspectives from both sides.