I have over time collected links that I found amusing or provide a great service to the Internet community. Below is that collection in some semblance of order. None of these are sponsors that you see so commonly on sites today. Though it would be nice to profit from this little venture, that's not in the scope for now. The links are arranged with the more useful at the top and the more amusing/neat at the bottom. These links will almost all break frame and open a new window so you can view them full screen.

This is an exceptional e-zine that has won awards for its content and thanks to it's tremendously loyal subscription base. Authored by a man who spends his days on the net tracking down new drivers, tricks, tips and every other thing that you could think of. The daily HTML newsletter is definitely worth getting.

Spam Cop.
In my younger days I made the mistake of using my normal e-mail address when registering on the web. Now that my mailbox fills with spam from seemingly everywhere, I have learned my lesson. Now they all get the spammail address. This site will let you generate an e-mail to the spammer's host asking that action be taken against them. An excellent concept for those tired of the Internet's junk mail.

One of many sites that will track down people for you. I just happen to have used this one with success before so that is why you see it here.

Person's Name: in any order

Add Me.
This site serves one purpose (other than to suck in advertising dollars) and that is to register you web page with 34 different search engines. It is not a bad deal for those that do not want to pay the huge fees normally associated with this task.

I feel a certain obligation to my university so I will add a randomly placed token link to them at this point. If you are looking for a good, but small, engineering school, here you go.

Probably as good a name as any. Though I have never put much stock in things like Tarot cards and the like. I have always amazed my self by being able to read my life into a play of the cards. The top level linked to is just for info. The sites you should see are the Tarot card reading, a nifty little trick with Pi, and the ever faithful pulse of life.

No, not that PETA. I chuckled at this site and took particular interest in the domain name struggle comments. Anybody with a dispute with those PETA idiots can't be that bad.

Legos - The engineer's friend.
Everybody has to love Legos. They are an inspiration to kids imaginations.